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** A worldwide mandate refers to those countries with which Re:Sound has an agreement with the relevant international collective society allowing for the exchange of royalties. For a current list of Re:Sound’s international agreements, please see:
List of Specific territories:
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Please read this declaration carefully. By clicking "the company agrees to these terms and conditions", the company agrees to comply with the statements set out below.
  1. As used herein the term "Company" refers to the company whose name is writing within the "registered company name" field at the top of this web page.
  2. The Company hereby declares that the information provided as part of this registration is true and correct, and that the repertoire information the Company shall provide to Re:Sound is accurate and complete.
  3. The Company agrees to provide Re:Sound with the following information within the timelines set out below, or in accordance with any schedule requested by Re:Sound:
    • Complete and accurate details of all eligible sound recordings embodying performances of musical works for which the Company is the maker or which the Company owns and controls ("Repertoire"). The details will include but not limited to the title, featured artist, label, catalogue number and ISRC number for each such recording. The Company further agrees to provide any updates to the Company's Repertoire at least once per calendar quarter;
    • Complete and accurate details of the names of all recording artists on each recording. The Company agree to provide any updates to this information quarterly;
    • Changes to any information provided to Re:Sound as part of the Company's registration (including but not limited to my contact information). The Company agrees to notify Re:Sound of any changes no later than thirty (30) days after the date the change occurs; and
    • Any other information that Re:Sound may reasonably require as requested.
  4. Re:Sound may collect and use any information the Company provides to Re:Sound and any other information that Re:Sound may obtain about the Company (“Information”) in connection with exercising any rights that that the Company gives to Re:Sound from time to time (in connection with the Company's registration with Re:Sound) and for the following purposes:
    • performing services related to the administration of performing rights in Canada and internationally (including but not limited to claiming and distributing royalties on the Company's behalf;
    • enforcement of rights related to the administration and distribution of remuneration rights;
    • dispute resolution related to the administration and distribution of remuneration rights;
    • contacting the Company;
    • fraud prevention; and
    • to comply with legal requirements.
  5. Re:Sound may disclose the Information to its service providers, agents and other third parties in connection with the purposes set out in Section 3 and in accordance with Re:Sound’s privacy policy. Re:Sound’s full privacy policy can be found on its website at
  6. As well, where the Company has provided any information relating to another person herein, the Company hereby confirms that such person has authorized the Company to consent on such person's behalf to Re:Sound collecting, using and processing such person's information for the purposes set out in sections 4 and 5 above.
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